Who We Are

We are a network of professionals based in Hawaii offering a variety of services to meet your needs. With the current state of the market, there is no better time to consider remodeling or building that dream home. Our group is comprised of members that really do get the job done and we are always here to help.

Inge Juchtzer

Certified Interior Decorator, specializing in custom window coverings
Wedding & Event Planner

I started my career over twenty years ago as a Certified Paralegal and I was a key part of a few successful ventures along the way, but my passion has always been interior decorating. More than ten years ago I sold my southern California casa and moved to Kailua Kona to build my dream home and soak up island life. The opportunity to be directly involved in the design, build and decoration of my home proved inspirational and I founded Island Style Enterprises to network people in need with talented and proven professionals. Good help is hard to find, as are good people, but the islands have so much to offer.

My experience includes the tutelage of an expert with a 50 year history in custom window coverings, including manufacturing. As a Certified Interior Decorator, I can walk with you through the process of decorating or redecorating that reflects your individual style. Discover how easy it is to freshen things up with a new coat of paint and some window coverings or put the finishing touches on your paradise home.

Our team can help you through the process of refining or improving your home or office. When the hard work is done and it’s time to celebrate, we can help you there too with professional event services.